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Welcome to the Chair of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Chair of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship investigates digital user experiences, innovation, and business models with the goal of better understanding and helping to shape the impact of technological change on individuals, organizations, and our society.


Bachelor modules:

Digital Innovation: From Idea to Impact

Master modules:

Create Your Tech Startup

UX Design

  • Starting this year, the Master's module "User Experience Seminar" will be offered in the summer semester.
  • Additionally, the Bachelor's seminar "Digital Innovations" will henceforth only take place in the winter semester.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Master's seminar "Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship" as part of the Master's program in Computer Science. Six dedicated students presented their fascinating projects, covering a wide range of digital innovations. The topics ranged from the use of conversational AI in healthcare, corporate venturing and digital innovation, to issues of privacy and transparency in the digital world. These presentations were not only a demonstration of the students' acquired knowledge and skills, but also an insight into the future of technology and its application in real life.

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