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Scholarship Deloitte-Stiftung

We are on board!

The @Deloitte-Stiftung aims to support talented and dedicated students with special funding needs who are distinguished by their innovative strength and entrepreneurial spirit. In collaboration with 15 selected chairs across Germany —including our Chair of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship— the foundation provides both financial and non-material support to its scholarship recipients.

Going forward, we will assist the Deloitte-Stiftung in making a significant difference in the lives of students. The scholarship is intended to overcome social barriers while promoting potential leaders for the future. The scholarship program reflects the foundation's mission: fostering entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring innovation, and contributing to greater educational equity.

We are proud to support the Deloitte-Stiftung in this endeavor and are delighted that two students from the Chair of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to benefit from two of the 30 scholarships awarded annually.

Interested in more information?

Here is the link to the foundation's website:

Deloitte-Stiftung | Studienstipendien

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